The Derma Roller causes the skin to be prompted to renew and produce collagen.


Dermaroller 0.5mm

This is the model which is suitable for most skin conditions. This dermaroller is ideal for facial skin and is often used for acne, pigmentation, scars and aging. If you want your skin to produce collagen again, the minimum size needed for this is a dermaroller of 0.5 mm. You first start 1x in your 1st week, then 2x in your 2nd week, 3x in your 3rd week.
After that, you can use your dermaroller 3x a week and the pain level of this dermaroller is minimal.

After a treatment with this derma roller you might have a red glow, this is a good sign and tells you that the treatment is working. The red glow recedes after the treatment reasonably smoothly again.

Using the Dermaroller is very simple.

Simple & easy

The Derma Roller (also known as a microneedle) is a simple device that allows you to poke tiny holes in the skin using the 540 titanium seams. This causes the skin to be prompted to renew and produce collagen. Normally only 1 percent of creams are absorbed by the skin. In combination with the Dermaroller, creams are absorbed up to 90%

Characteristics of the Dermaroller

Using a serum
After the dermaroller treatment, it is strongly recommended to apply a serum to the skin. Skin care products are better and more deeply absorbed into the skin after using a dermaroller. It is important to apply the serum within 10 minutes after the treatment. The most popular serums are a Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid: Vitamin C ( Vital c anti-aging Image Skincare & Ageless total pure hyaluronic filler serum image skincare )

With a vitamin C serum, your skin makes extra collagen which visibly improves your skin. It improves gray skin and your skin starts to look healthier. Vitamin C makes extra collagen, which decreases with sun exposure and the aging process. A powerful, multi-functional serum that has breakthrough anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C to make fine lines/wrinkles less visible and reduce the appearance of age spots and discoloration.

Hyaluronic Acid - is an intensively hydrating serum that rejuvenates, makes the skin supple and provides it with extra hydration. The high concentration in the serum ensures an optimal moisture balance of the skin and forms collagen and elastin. Ideal for dry, dehydrated skin, reduction of pores.

For a more intense home treatment, you can roll in the Mesoestetic Glycolic E + F ampoule. This is going to intensely stimulate and renew the skin. Note! This is for trained skin.

Use sun protection SPF 30 for 2 weeks after treatment and avoid swimming pool/sauna for 2 days and sun/sunbed for 2 weeks.

The dermaroller will last approximately 4-6 months with frequent use. The needles become less sharp over time of use.

With or without serum rolls?

Do you have trained skin? Then you roll on dry skin with your dermaroller

2-3 minutes, then put your appropriate serum on top.

Do you have normal skin that is not used to treatments? Then you roll on moist skin, so first apply your serum and then roll with your dermaroller on your face 4-5 min.


Skin Types & Serums

- Resurfacing peel booster serum ( Mesoestetic)
- Ageless total pure filler ( Image Skincare )
→ Toned skin : Mesoestetic Glycolic E + F ampoule

- Vital c hydrating serum ( Image Skincare)
- Anti aging flash ampoule ( Mesoestetic)
- Ageless total pure filler ( Image Skincare)

- Ageless total pure filler ( Image Skincare )

Do not use Dermaroller if you have open wounds or active Acne !

Never share the dermaroller with anyone else!

Don't roll too often because you want quick results, because you can't. Allow your skin time to rest. Rolling once a week is a good choice for a beginner. It is not an unnecessary luxury to

disinfect your skin again after treating and rinsing. Finish with a moisturizer to soothe the skin and keep your fingers off your face. Tip: Don't roll on the night you have to go to a party. A slight redness after the cure is inevitable."

This Titanium Dermaroller has a head of 540 very sharp and thin titanium needles and is designed to improve and reduce the following skin conditions: - Wrinkles - Skin sagging - Scars - Wide pores - Hyperpigmentation.

- A dermaroller thickens your skin and helps stimulate the skin's regeneration process. This is what your skin needs to fade away wrinkles and scars!
- The needles prompt the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
- By using a Dermaroller, you actually create tiny holes in your skin that allow skin care products, such as serums, to be properly absorbed into your skin.
- Rapid skin recovery.

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