Definitive laser hair removal

Painless - safe - effective

By MESOESTETIC made in Spain

The safest and most complete hair removal on the market

Want a definitive solution for beautifully smooth skin without excessive hair growth? Definitive Plus offers the safest and most complete hair removal on the market! Have unwanted hair lasered away at Ekbeauty.

For all hair types

Definitive Plus is a sublime laser hair removal system that allows you to safely, quickly and effectively treat any hair type at any time of the year, even tinted skin. Dark hairs as well as light and thin hairs can be treated and eliminated quickly and efficiently. The laser light penetrates to the hair follicle lying in the skin and damages it so that the hair does not grow back or slows down future hair growth to eventually lead to a permanent hair removal result. 

For every part of the body an efficient and lasting solution


The Definitive Plus is a last generation laser hair removal device. At the beginning of the laser treatment, your skin specialist will mark with boxes on your skin where the laser is to depilate. It is important to shave your skin clean. This should be done prior to the treatment. The laser is equipped with the Cooler Handle that allows the temperature to be adjusted below zero which reduces the pain and enhances the effect. The cooler handle has a cooling effect and protects the skin. With the Definitive Plus you will get rid of difficult hair growth and you will get a beautiful and smooth result!

Price List

Package ( 6 sessions + 1 free ) Full amount to be paid in 1x.
Treatment Price
Full Body 1 ( full arms- full legs-arms-full Brazilian bikini hands- feet-face + belly button)
For €3600 instead of €6265
Package treatments
Treatment Price
Full arms-legs
For € 300 instead of € 440
Full Body 1 ( full arms- full legs-arms-full Brazilian bikini+ buttocks - hands-feet-face + belly button)
For €600 instead of €895
Full Body 2 without face ( full arms- full legs-arms-full Brazilian bikini- hands-feet- upper lip)
For €500 instead of €675
Full Intimate (armpit) Large Brazilian bikini incl. buttocks + navel )
For €200 instead of €245
Loose zone treatments
Price per session
Upper lip
Tight neckline
Full face
Upper arms
Full arms
Hands incl. fingers
Nipples all around
Navel (stripe)
Lower or upper back
Full back
Bikini Brazilian small (without bottom)
Bikini Brazilian large (incl. buttocks)
Lower legs
Upper legs
Full legs
Feet incl. toes
Full belly
Intake laser hair removal (refundable) if you have laser performed or implanted (15 - 30 min)

Combine this treatment with the home products below for best results:

95% hair reduction

95% hair reduction of more than 80% on the treated area

Fastest laser for hair removal

Already after 1 or 2 sessions a reduction of hair growth by 30 to 50%

Safe & Painless

Professional and almost painless thanks to the Cooler Handle

Reaches even the finest hairs

Fast: a reduction in treatment time to 45%.

Show dont tell

The result of hair removal by laser

woman before woman after
man before man after

Reduce unwanted hair growth and book your appointment!

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