The most effective treatment for pigmentation spots Only available at Ek beauty!

Duration: 30 minutes + advice plan
The Cosmelan treatment can be applied 1x per 6 months, so 2x per year.

It is the most effective and safe treatment that has been specially developed against hyperpigmentation. The Cosmelan treatment is exclusively given by Ek Beauty, skin doctors, therapists and skin specialists who are trained by ICE.

Hyperpigmentation is a very common problem and has various causes. Some of these causes are: hormone imbalance, skin aging, pregnancy, pill use, menopause and sunbathing without using sun protection (SPF).

I would like to explain how it works.

Pigment in the skin

A melanocyte is a certain type of skin cell (pigment cell) that produces and delivers melanosomes to the keratinocytes. In the basal cell layer, there is about 1 melanocyte per 10 keratinocytes. Our skin color is mainly determined by the size and number of pigment granules that are located in the basal cell layer of the epidermis. The type of pigment eumelanin (black or brown pigment) or pheomelanin (red or yellow pigment) also has an influence. People with dark skin do not have much more melanocytes than people with fair skin, but the pigment granules are larger and more pigment granules are released. Pigment production increases after irradiation with ultraviolet light.

Cosmelan how does it work?

Cosmelan 1 (the mask) and Cosmelan 2 (the cream) ingredients work on the different stages of pigment and work in synergy. The ingredients are of vegetable and chemical origin. Amalan forms the basis of the Cosmelan mask and has a direct effect on the subcutaneous process that forms pigment (melanin). It inhibits tyrosinase (a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process). In addition, the Cosmelan mask contains the following ingredients: kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutin, titanium dioxin and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A type), all of which block the enzyme tyrosinase. The products are perfume-free.

Cosmelan treatment

You will receive advice on how the treatment works, what you can expect and how to use the products at home.

Preparation for the Cosmelan treatment

10 days before the treatment I prepare your skin for the treatment with a peeling. Or if you have had peelings before, you don't have to.

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